Passenger Alerts

Passenger Alert Students on G, R and Y Runs

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide improved services, we will be
changing some routes and timing as of Tuesday the 6th September 2016.

“Y” Yellow Run will pick and set down the entire length of Rode Rd. No
passengers for Rode Rd are to travel on R Run for both morning and
afternoon services.

“G” Green Run will not service Dargie St, Felstead St, Trout Rd and Parton
St. Passengers for this area will now travel on R Run. G Run will run
express from the Rode Rd roundabout to Maundrell Tce.


“R” Red Run will Pick up 5 minutes earlier at all timing points up to the
roundabout at Beckett Rd and then Travel Old Northern Rd, 7.35am Dargie
St, Felstead St, Trouts Rd 7.40am Parton St. The timing and route change
will not affect the arrival time at the schools.


Please contact our office on 3269 6466 if you have any questions
regarding the run changes.